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"If you only read one book this year, I urge you to read Michael Coffman's Rescuing a Broken America. It explains what we need to know if we are to navigate our nation out of the economic and cultural mess we are in today. We must act promptly to stop Obama's plan for ‘fundamentally transforming the United States.’”

Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum


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“Dr. Coffman is to be congratulated on another penetrating analysis of the very real dangers facing our nation, not the least of which is the danger to our national sovereignty.

Dr. Alan Quist, Author/Speaker

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After reading Rescuing a Broken America I was so convicted I decided I had to run for my state legislature.

Valerie McDougal, Concerned Citizen


Over the past 100 years global forces have actively worked to change the world view of Americans and create what they now call “global governance.” Unknowingly indoctrinated Americans have moved from a liberty and constitutionally focused world view based on the writings of Englishman John Locke, to that of government control of the individual based on the writings of Frenchman Jean Jacque Rousseau. After failing in the early 20th century, Rousseau’s progressive model of state control once again dominates government policy and America’s world view.

Progressive ideology permeates our education, judicial, media, and legislative institutions. It is non-partisan, infecting both the Democrat and Republican Parties. It is destroying the free market system, individual civil liberties and protections guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

There is hope. Although seriously weakened, the Constitution still stands and its protections are still in most federal and state laws. Little known—even to attorneys—these provisions offer protection for local communities from the tyranny of laws passed by mislead progressives.

Tell Your Congressman or Legislator:

Does a legislative bill increase the size, cost, power or reach of government? If it does,


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We are living in the most perilous time in the history of the United States, as warring worldviews divide and tear the heart out of America. America has one chance to stop this destruction. That chance is you, right now, this year!